About O-Sensei Don Douglas


A protege of Karate Grandmaster Hanshi Lou Angel, Mr. Douglas is the founder of the Goju Ryu Budo Kai. He holds the rank of Shichidan (7th Degree) in the GRBK and the National College of Martial Arts directly under Hanshi Angel. Mr. Douglas began training under Sensei Alan McKelvy in 1976. He has dedicated his life to the study and teachings of Goju Karate. He credits his accomplishements in Goju to his senseis, Grandmaster Angel and Sensei McKelvy. O-Sensei Douglas resides with his wife at the Honbu Dojo (headquarter school) in Nevada, Missouri.

After completion of the Honbu Dojo (main school) in Nevada, MO, in 1992, the concept of creating an organization was introduced to senior students. The original purpose was to recognize outstanding Black Belts with years of loyalty and dedication to preserving the traditional values and heritage of Goju Ryu Karate as taught by Grand Master Lou Angel.

Headed by Schichidan Sensei Don Douglas (7th Degree, instructor), the Goju Ryu Budo Kai (Way of the Warrior) became an official organization in 1994. The Staff and Black Belts of the GRBK are dedicated to training karateka (karate students) of all ages in self-defense, leadership skills, and in applying the values and concepts, learned in the dojo, to one's own personal life.

Sensei Douglas believes that lessons learned in achieving each belt rank up through Black Belt are the lessons and tools needed to be successful and confident in life. The Goju Ryu Budokai is a goal-oriented organization and is dedicated to helping its members achieve the black belt level.

Prior to opening Baker Martial Arts in Commerce, OK, Rokyudan Sensei Scotty Baker (6th degree Black Belt) was one of the original instructors at the Honbu Dojo in Nevada. Sensei Baker passed away in the summer of 2011 and his wife, Sensei Kari Filson-Baker has picked up the reins and continues teaching in the Commerce dojo of BMA. Several times a year Sensei Williams travels to Oklahoma and Missouri to continue training with both the Goju Ryu Budo Kai and Baker Martial Arts.


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