What is Goju Ryu Karate?

Goju Ryu ('Hard and Soft Style'), a traditional style of karate, is a close range self defense system, characterized by circular and linear blocks, joint manipulation and kicking to the lower body. Dynamic tension breathing plays a major role in the training. The breathing is incorporated in the preset form of movements known as "Kata". Goju-ryu is a combination of Okinawan Te which is hard and Shaolin Chuan, Kung-fu which is soft.

Goju is not like many of the other martial arts available today. It does not have the high-flying kicking techniques like Tae Kwon Do. It does not use the same throwing techniques of Aikido.

It is a unique art that deals with the defensive and offensive opportunites that could present themselves in a real-life situation. Everything you learn in Goju Ryu has a specific "street" application, nothing is wasted.

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About Sensei Williams

Sensei Adrian Williams is a protoge' of Hansi (10th degree) Lou Angel of the Tenshi Goju Kai. Having previously studied both Aikido and Tang Soo Do, he began studying Goju Ryu with the Goju Ryu Budo Kai in 2001, earning his 1st degree black belt in 2004 under the instruction of Nanadan Don Douglas, also a student of Hanshi Angel.

Sensei Williams began teaching Goju Ryu in 2004 and currently holds the rank of Yondan (4th degree black belt). He is affiliated with the Goju Ryu Budo Kai and the National College of Martial Arts. Additionally, he studies Okinawan Kobudo (weapons) under Sensei Nick Flores, one of the senior students of Seikichi Odo.

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Why Study Goju?

Often times, people have one reason or another to avoid studying a martial art. Aside from learning how to defend yourself in nearly any situation, regular karate practice provides an excellent cardiovascular workout and offers many healthful benefits including increased:

  • ability to shed unwanted weight
  • ability to handle stress
  • discipline, focus, mental concentration, energy and teaches goal-setting
  • strength, balance, flexibility and coordination
  • patience and self confidence

At the heart of traditional Okinawan karate-do are the principles of peace, harmony, and respect for others. We actively promotes the concepts of friendship, cooperation and learning among our students

Try It Out

New students (ages 8 thru adult) are welcome to join at any time. Because the study of karate-do can become a long-term personal investment, we recommend that you observe or participate in a class, talk with sensei and then decide if the dojo and style are right for you. Call the school at (281) 217-0780 to set up a time to visit.


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