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    Our Goals

    Our goal for all students is black belt. This belt signifies excellence in the Martial Arts. For us, it means that you have "mastered the basics". But the real value in karate is not punching and kicking. The real value is the confidence to strive and the discipline to follow through. Black Belt excellence is built on the promise that anything less than a commitment to excellence is an acceptance of mediocrity. Unless you make a conscious commiment to become excellent at what you do, you are unconsciously accepting that you are only going to become mediocre. Great achievment in life only comes when you make the decision to become outstanding at what you do. Greatness is a total commitment to excellent performance despite the obstacles we face. The attitude of Black Belt excellence is the attitude of winners!

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    Our Classes

    Class Sizes

    A primary goal of WSGR is to ensure that every student receives direct instruction during the course of a class. In order to facilitate this, class sizes are limited to 10 adults and 10 youth. Once a bracket has 10 students, no more will be accepted and a waiting list will be created.

    Junior Karate

    This curriculum is designed specifically for 8-12 year old children. There are 20 belts in the Children's curriculum. The required techniques are the same as the adults, but they are spread out to give more time to understand and physically learn the movements. having more levels allows each child to advance at a rate that is exciting and builds confidence and helps with character development. Through this curriculum, at the 10th level, the student will achieve the junior black belt rank. The student is set apart from the group by the black stripe in their belt. Also the student is allowed to wear a junior black belt Gi. This recognition shows the hard work, perseverance and discpline that are needed to earn a black belt. Once the student reaches the 20th level, the Shodan, the rank is equivalent to the Adult black belt, giving the student the same rights and privledges that the black belt commands.

    Traditional Adult Karate

    This curriculum is designed specifically for 13 year old children through adults of all ages. There are 10 belts to black belt in the adult curriculum. Black belt is high-level of success, but the training does not stop there. There are 10 belts in the black belt program as well. Weapons are also taught at this level. Each day is a stepping-stone., taking you to the next level of learning.

    Women's Self Defense

    Several times throughout the year we hold women's self defense seminars. Self defense Instruction for women is not considered Karate training, and you don’t have to be a black belt to learn basic self defense moves. The goal is to help you develop a successful plan now, before something happens...or before something happens again!

    What you can expect to learn are safety tips to prevent assaults, easy-to-learn physical skills that create pain and the opportunity for safe escapes, and how to add additional self-protection with non-lethal weapons.

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    Once a student learns the basics and earns their 2nd stripe on their white belt, they will begin to participate in regular Jiyu Kumite (Free Sparring). Kumite in the dojo provides a controlled environment under the watchful eye of the Sensei, in which a student can practice what they have learned. Sparring allows the martial artist to develop both control and experience in defending themselves and delivering powerful strikes against an opponent. Protective gear is required for a student, regardless of age, to participate in Kumite.

    Because most of the techniques we teach are highly damaging to an opponent, we don't employ many of them in a sparring match. Instead we emphasize positional awareness, movement, defensive techniques, methods of siezing opportunites for attack and traditional fighting techniques.

    We don't promote full power and full contact sparring nor do we promote completely pulled strikes. We spar with a mix of controlled striking using protective gear. This allows a student to "feel" the contact their movements make so that should the need ever arise to use their training, the movements and strikes will be as familair as possible.

Important Info


  • Currently, we have two different classes, broken between youths and adults.
  • Monday:
  •    Youth: 6:30-7:30pm
       Adult: 7:30-9:00pm
  • Thursday:
  •    Youth: 6:30-7:30pm
       Adult: 7:30-9:00pm

NOTE! Class starts promptly at the given time which means Kareteka should arrive 15 minutes early to dress and warmup!

Dojo Location:

  • We meet in the great room of the Rattan Creek Community Center located in the middle of the Rattan Creek neighborhood at 7617 Elkhorn Mountain Trail.


  • Our students wear an all white Gi, student instructors wear a half black, half white Gi and black belts and instructors wear an all black Gi. Additionally, there is one required patch and two optional patches for the Gi.


  • There is no set testing schedule with our dojo. We prefer that our students focus on their training and not on rank. Sensei Williams closely monitors all student progress and when he feels the student is ready for advancement, he will either examine the student immediately or schedule an exam in the near future. All exams are conducted by Sensei Williams.

Proper Use of Skills

  • It is constantly stressed to all students that karate skills require them never to be abusive or offensive and are only for use defensively. We stress the concept that there is no first strike in Karate. Sensei Williams will not hesitate to disenroll anyone who appears to violate this premise.

Sparring Gear:

  • Required sparring gear includes: groin protection, mouth guard, hand protectors, foot protectors and head protector. It is also strongly suggested to use shin protectors. Cloth-based protection is not safe enough and therefore will not be allowed. There is a wide variety of foam-based gear that is well suited to our sparring.


    Our dojo is affiliated with our sister school, the Goju Ryu Budo Kai in Missouri and the Okinawan Karate Do League. Additionally, we are a associated with the National College of Martial Arts, which was begun and is currently headed by our grandmaster, Hanshi Lou Angel.


Contact Us

Williams School of Goju Ryu7617 Elkhorn Mountain Trail
Austin, TX 78729

Telephone: 512.876.1790